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Hunger Games...

So I recently finished reading the three books in one go,
When I had exams and looots of uni work ^^"
I just couldn't resist...
and I have to say, it was really amazing!
I was shocked by the ending, I guess it was realistic that it's not a happy ever after and I like that about it.
but still :(
I was unsatisfied on how Katniss and Peeta got together, I mean the boy is amazing and went through hell for her,
I was waiting for her to finally realize on her own that she loved him, not by circumstances :/

but anyways, its an awesome book and I hope to find something similar to read in the holiday, now that I have nothing to do :D

First post and all :D

Ok, so  I suck at using LJ ^^"
dunno how to use fake cut and all..
But anyways, I figured it's about time I posted something hehe
so about me,
my name is Masa and I'm a pharmacy student, 
which is why I don't get in a lot, uni can kill u sometimes! Scratch that, it always does :(
i love reading in general,  reading novels and fanfics
And I love music, rock mostly but I actually listen to everything as long as its good!
i love Japanese animation and am fascinated by the Japanese culture,
which is why I'm learning Japanese right now, I'm a beginner though ;)

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